About the Warriors

Greetings, Champions of Azeroth!

Welcome to the homepage for the World of Warcraft podcast, Unshackled Fury! While this is a podcast hosted by two Warriors who love to talk and play WoW, we'd like to think this show is for anyone who wants a laugh, a dose of Warcraft news and lore, and an adult rated look at the "world" around the World.



Your Hosts


Unshackled Fury started in 2015 as the rageaholic brainchild of Berzerker, a World of Warcraft Warrior who believed he had something to say about his beloved game and community, and someone out there surely wanted to hear it. Having only mained his one Fury Warrior character since beginning his playing days in Burning Crusade, he may not know a lot about what's going on with every other class, but he'll certainly have an opinion about, well, everything. A long time raider, lore hound, and PvP denier, Berzerker brings his many years of experience to the show and hopes you gain a little knowledge, and have a lot of fun, each episode. In his spare time, Berzerker continues his quest to unlock the secrets of great backyard BBQ, and destroying what's left of his hearing with mass consumption of heavy metal.

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A longtime veteran of the MMO scene, dating back to Everquest and the “birth” of Navox in 1999, this dragon slayer has been plying his board and sword skills since the original World of Warcraft. Following stints with several raiding guilds, Navox eventually landed in the Convert to Raid guild where he caught the podcasting bug. After spending more than a year on “The Converted” podcast, Navox joined Unshackled Fury in October of 2017 and has been raising hell here ever since. When Navox isn’t recording or killing virtual dragons in Warcraft, he enjoys spending time with his wife Geekchiclisa, and their 57 cats.

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